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Hadrian Tulk

CEO / Founder

Hadrian has almost a decade of international legal and policy consultancy experience. Having also Worked on several high- profile international arbitrations and international trade projects.

Hadrian hails from a prestigious family of successful real estate and business owners in the UK, dating back to the English Victorian/Renaissance Era, his ancestors influenced the law of England in the landmark UK land law case of Tulk v Moxhay (1848). 

Born in London, UK, Hadrian began his UK real estate journey in 2003, learning from his family, as well as property mentors with real estate portfolios and agencies of their own.

Hadrian is a holder of two UK law degrees, including a Masters with Distinction in International Law. He ventured into law to help the most vulnerable members of UK society and beyond, whilst growing his commercial and real estate law knowledge.

Part of Hadrian’s vision is to utilise his knowledge of law and skills in real estate to provide high-quality housing for the most destitute in UK society. He frequently works with the homeless and homeless charities to help rehouse vulnerable adults. In terms of his international profile, Hadrian has significant experience in international trade negotiations and diplomatic experience. He has expertise in International Trade and WTO law, Public International law, International Litigation, Arbitration and Investment law, as well as Financial Services law. Hadrian has worked in international and UK national law firms and international bodies such as the UN, ITC, IMF and the WTO.

Hadrian is also a published legal author in leading law journals on the topics of international insurance law and water rights.

Hadrian’s entrepreneurial journey was inspired by his desire to live a life of service to others. Hadrian’s strong work ethics, his track record of applying his passion for empowering people, his reputation of integrity and dedication to providing a meticulous, high level of service, all owe tribute to this.

As a natural wealth creator, Hadrian has focused his entrepreneurial and creative acumen on services that can have a fundamental impact on people’s lives, making them more abundant in the process. Along with establishing Sovereign Advisory UAE, Hadrian applied his wealth of legal, financial and commercial knowledge and acumen to assist in the creation of a UK Debit Bank Card in association with Mastercard that provides customers with savings on specific brands to help ease the strain of the cost of living caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other global events.

Hadrian’s philosophical view of the wider world and his charitable and humanitarian work have all helped made make Sovereign Advisory the impactful, dedicated advisory service to the UAE that it is today. Sovereign is there to advise, provide and deliver.

Sovereign Advisory is a business that combines integrity and power. At Hadrian’s core, he appreciates people for who they are and he loves to help and guide others. This core attribute to Hadrian’s character is reflected in how Sovereign operates. Sovereignty and individual sovereign power underpins every service and are the core ethos of the business. Sovereign delivers high-quality service for each client. Sovereignty and integrity are integral core elements of how every Sovereign service is delivered; from the enquiry stage to liaising with real estate developers on investing in the next top digital asset.

The pace of living, the abundance of opportunity for all to seize upon and crucially, the quality of life, all impressed Hadrian, who sees Dubai living as a new archetype for a diverse world. Since living and working in Dubai in an international law firm, where amongst other areas, he practised the laws of UAE real estate, Hadrian has built a vast experience on his own in a unique blend of legal and business perspectives.

Hadrian loves meeting with people; exploring the world, learning about world cultures; celebrating people from all corners of the world. Hadrian is a fun-loving guy; in his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar, swimming, sailing and fencing. Since living in Dubai, Hadrian enjoys falconry and bird training, having had the rare privilege of  handling Falcons at the Meydan Falcon Centre. Hadrian, like so many others, fell in love with Dubai on his first visit. Hadrian’s interest in architecture and interior design led him to appreciate the wonders of Dubai’s impressive infrastructure and stunning buildings.

Hadrian is proud to offer a high-quality consulting service in the UAE. He fully understands that high-quality service expected and the importance of real estate, how it is not just a luxury to live in, but a lifestyle. A luxury lifestyle is a choice for residents of Dubai and all who seek to live there. A luxury lifestyle is a life with an appreciation for the finer things in life. Sovereign advises its clients on not only how to attain the luxury lifestyle but how to retain this throughout their property lifecycle.

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