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Working with the finest developers in Dubai

Recognised around the world


Emaar Properties is a highly esteemed and valuable real estate development company. Recognised worldwide for its exceptional capabilities in properties, shopping malls and retail, as well as hospitality and leisure.
The company has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional developments that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Global Developer

SOBAH Realty

Sobha Realty is a global developer of luxury properties that is dedicated to transforming the concept of sustainable living. Founded in Oman in 1976 as an interior decoration company by visionary entrepreneur PNC Menon, the firm has expanded its reach through investments and developments in Bahrain, Brunel, India, Oman, and the UAE. During its 40-year history, Sobha Realty has disrupted the traditional real estate value chain by utilising its in-house expertise in design, development, and conceptualisation.

Live The Luxury


Since 2002, DAMAC Properties has led the luxury real estate industry in the Middle East by constructing high-end residential, commercial, and recreational properties across the region.
These Luxury estates span the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Maldives, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Exceptional Developments


Select Group is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary company with a core focus on property development. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has achieved remarkable success and has become one of the most thriving privately-owned companies in the region.

Select Group is committed to delivering exceptional developments that offer value to its clients and stakeholders, and has established a reputation for excellence in the industry.

developers in Dubai
Crafting Luxurious Properties


This Dubai-based real estate developer, was established in 2014 with a focus on creating stunning properties and communities that elevate the standard of living. As a customer-centric developer in the UAE, they take pride in designing exquisite residences with impeccable architecture and artistic flair.

They are commited to crafting luxurious properties that stand the test of time and are driven by the discerning tastes of their valued customers.

Enhancing Lives

AZIZI Developments

Azizi Developments is a prominent Dubai developer that boasts an impressive collection of modern, upscale residential and commercial properties situated in the most desirable areas throughout the emirate. Their properties cater to diverse lifestyles, with the goal of enhancing the lives of residents and investors.
With a proven track record of delivering thousands of homes, they have over 100 ongoing projects that are slated for completion by 2023 and have plans for another 130+ properties that are projected to be finalised by 2025.

Live The Luxury

Dubai Properties

Dubai Properties is a leading master real estate developer based in the United Arab Emirates and is recognised for its contribution to some of Dubai's most prestigious and renowned real estate destinations.

With an extensive track record of over 18 years in the residential real estate sector, Dubai Properties has a deep understanding of the fundamental needs of homeowners and international investors. The company is committed to creating unique and enriching lifestyles for its residents by delivering exceptional residential developments across the Emirate. Dubai Properties has been providing innovative real estate and lifestyle solutions, playing a pivotal role in driving the successful development and diversification of one of the most vital sectors in the economy.

Exceptional Developments


Dubai-based Nakheel is a world-leading master developer whose innovative, landmark projects form an iconic portfolio of master communities and residential, retail, hospitality and leisure developments that are pivotal to realising Dubai’s vision.

Nakheel’s waterfront projects, including the world-famous, award-winning Palm Jumeirah, have added more than 300 kilometres to Dubai’s original, 70km coastline, paving the way for the development of hundreds of seafront homes, resorts, hotels and attractions.

Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah,
Embodying Sophistication & Prestige


Established in 2017 to upend the global luxury real estate market, DarGlobal combines experience and innovation to deliver the highest quality properties. Their ethos embraces the enduring allure of luxury as a timeless investment.

With a blend of expertise and innovation, they unveil exquisite properties curated by world class architects which are modelled by renowned design and fashions icons, offering exclusive investment opportunities in prime locations, embodying sophistication and prestige.

Creating Immersive Experiences That Inspire

Imtiaz Developments

Founded in 1993, Imtiaz Developments believe that the future of real estate lies not only in building spaces but in creating immersive experiences that inspire, transform, and integrate communities. They strive for the extraordinary, setting new standards in design, functionality, and sustainability, reshaping the future of real estate through innovation and excellence, with an unwavering commitment to enduring value.

A Premier Choice For Global Real Estate Partnerships

ORO24 Developments

A premier choice for global real estate partnerships, dedicated to crafting dynamic, futuristic and sustainable assets of unparalleled quality. With a commitment to enhancing lifestyles, they utilise cutting-edge technology to deliver value engineering, meeting budgets and deadlines while upholding the highest standards.

Passionately serving society by pursuing excellence, delivering a sustainable real estate ecosystem and creating admirable livelihood opportunities.

Elevating The Lifestyles Of Residential Communities

AHS Properties

AHS Properties, born in 2017 under Mr. Abbas Sajwani's visionary guidance, is a trailblazing real estate developer and investment firm not just in the UAE but across the world.

Through AHS Ventures, established in 2018, it quickly paved the way for a multitude of successful ventures in various sectors of opportunity, all with the singular aim of elevating the lifestyles of residential communities.