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Ali Makki


Ali Makki

Ali Makki attracts talent and innovators to collaborate on ground-breaking projects.

Coming from a prominent family and being an active member in the community, Ali attracts talent and innovators to collaborate on ground-breaking projects. His extensive database of individuals based out of the Middle East, Africa and East Asia, ranging from renewable energy companies, multiple private offices of royals within the U.A.E and MENA region can aide him in building his passion projects. One impactive step at a time.

Energy engineer by degree, certified sustainable business strategist and fundraising specialist by profession. Ali Makki’s strong entrepreneurial nature and spirit have aided him over the years to successfully build his ecosystem through launching and operating several ventures within a wide range of industries: blockchain, retail, design and event management.

Ali Makki business acumen and knowledge of the GCC markets combine to give him a unique know-how in deploying and operating his ventures.

Our world is blessed with talented and creative artists, the artists however, in the MENA region are extremely limited and face high costs to start up their musical careers. Another limitation that is brought forward is the ability to fully push their own creative capacities and visions onto the music they produce.

Ali’s passion in music, is the reason behind his One30 project, that will not only empower and uproot the artists in the MENA region but also expose them to the western world, connecting the east to the west while merging web2.0 and web3.0.

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